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Keep your horses safe with durable Electrobraid fencing.
Specifically designed with horse safety in mind, this fence is safe, durable, and affordable. It’s designed to keep your horses secure while giving them the visibility to see each other as a pack without running the fence line.

Feerick Fences LLC also builds custom hemlock, cedar and pressure treated board fencing for livestock.

The safest electric fence on the market.

Safe fencing for your equine friend.
The Electrobraid fence is flexible – minimizing injuries to your horse as compared to a standard barbwire or wooden fence. Equine professionals alike prefer this fence over any other type of fencing system. Put your trust in a durable, maintenance-free fence – choose Electrobraid for the safety of your animals.

Protect your horses while providing them with a more “open” feeling area.

  • Electro-Braid brand fencing
  • Keeps horses off of fencing
  • Secure horses safely
  • Durable fencing
  • Low maintenance
  • Withstands weather

Additional Features

  • Calls your cell phone if tripped.
  • 3 Second shut down if livestock becomes entangled.

FREE Estimates – For the safest electric fence in the industry, contact Feerick Fences LLC today at 802-849-6296 to install your Electrobraid fence.

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